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Date: Mon Oct 02 2017 - 12:22:25 CDT

No, sadly. On linux boxes, I tend to just increase the resolution of the display window. On my machine, I can get sizes in excess of the monitor resolution by having the window hanging off the edge of the screen *before* the "display resize" command.


On 10/01/2017 07:05 AM, Dallas Warren wrote:
Think I've worked it out, but can't try it out until at my workstation in a couple of days. Generate the frames using Tachyon and can I then feed the .dat file to TachyonL-OptiX in some manner?

On 28 Sep. 2017 2:52 pm, "Dallas Warren" <<>> wrote:
Got myself a decent graphics card now, yay! (History here:>)

So now having a go at generating a 360 3D animation. Following
instructions at> I can make
one. Looks neat. However, it renders it at the resolution of the
display window, how do I get it to a higher resolution? I must be
missing something simple here ....

With previous 3D animations I would render using Tachyon with the
Movie Generator, render both left and right stereo views separately,
then run Tachyon on the command line with the .dat files to get higher
resolution images, join into videos with the left/right views joined
together. Worked well.

Since using Tachyon-Optix as the renderer, it doesn't output the .dat
file that Tachyon does, just the stereo 360 images that then stitch
together into the video.

Start up message for reference:
Info) Multithreading available, 12 CPUs detected.
Info) CPU features: SSE2 AVX
Info) Free system memory: 33GB (92%)
Info) Creating CUDA device pool and initializing hardware...
Info) Detected 1 available CUDA accelerator:
Info) [0] GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 28 SM_6.1 @ 1.66 GHz, 11GB RAM, KTO, AE2, ZCP
Warning) Detected X11 'Composite' extension: if incorrect display occurs
Warning) try disabling this X server option. Most OpenGL drivers
Warning) disable stereoscopic display when 'Composite' is enabled.
Info) OpenGL renderer: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti/PCIe/SSE2
Info) Full GLSL rendering mode is available.
Info) Textures: 2-D (32768x32768), 3-D (16384x16384x16384), Multitexture (4)
Info) Detected 1 available TachyonL/OptiX ray tracing accelerator
Info) Compiling 1 OptiX shaders on 1 target GPU...
Info) Dynamically loaded 2 plugins in directory:
Info) /usr/local/lib/vmd/plugins/LINUXAMD64/molfile

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