From: Vermaas, Joshua (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2017 - 16:38:29 CDT

"type CTL3 and withinbonds 1 of type CTL2" For whatever reason, withinbonds is not in the manual, but it is super-handy for things like this. That being said, if there is a CTL3 dangling that is not bonded to a CTL2, there is a problem somewhere in the topology.


On 09/07/2017 03:35 PM, Arthur Vale wrote:
Dear All,

I want to select all atoms of type CTL3 that are bonded to atoms of type CTL2. I know I can select all atoms of a given type with the keyword type, as well as all atoms that are bonded to something (with the keyoword bonded). But how to select all atoms that form bonds with specific atoms?

Thank you in advance,

Arthur Vale