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Date: Mon Aug 14 2017 - 06:41:21 CDT


ffTK will follow what you have given input. I think when you combine your molecule, you forgot to connect the dihedral information to be input in your parameter file, you need to check it manually.



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Subject: vmd-l: ffTK

Long since I am posting the same query in the mailing list and I didn't get any clear clarification yet.

I am working on molecule parameterization using ffTK. In dihedral scanning step, as it takes much longer time to do PES calculation as a whole system(53 atoms), I would like to adapt Divide and Conquer method for dihedral optimization alone. But in this case when I use the previously updated parameter file as a source for the fragments(that I have divided) ffTK generates so many missing parameter errors.

Is my approach towards dihedral parameterization is wrong?

Rahul Suresh
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Bharathiar University