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Axel spoke correctly. This is not a bug... it's a known and expected property of VMD's algorithm.

As he said, you need to think of more sophisticated algorithms to achieve your desired results.

One possibility is to break your simulation into multiple self-similar segments, and then smooth each segment. You'll have jumps at the boundaries between segments. You might then do a second round, and see if the smoothing of one or two segments smooths over these boundaries.

Please recall that smoothing isn't a replacement for the physically-simulated reality in the computer... so your results will not be physically realistic.

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so there is no solution for this issue currently?


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I tick the smooth trajectory function in VMD. However, I noticed that some of my molecule is distorted and looks very weird. I am just wondering how to solve this problem?

?the trajectory smoothing in VMD works by simply applying a window average to atom positions. the observed distortion is a consequence of that and cannot be avoided unless you would implement a much more complex algorithm.


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