From: Amit Gupta (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2017 - 04:16:44 CDT

render list helped. Now i can render images using tk console command 'render TachyonLoptiXInternal filename'. However when i try getting .dat file it gives error:
Info) Rendering current scene to 'abc.dat' ...
ERROR) Unrecognized image file extension, writing Targa file.
while :
'render Tachyon filename.dat' works perfectly.
Also can i not invoke OptiX rendering through shell? as in directly using /usr/local/lib/vmd/tachyon_LINUXAMD64 binary
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Sent: Monday, April 3, 2017 1:06:37 PM
Subject: Re: vmd-l: Accessing tachyon optix from commandline and dat file generation


in tk console try render list. It will give you back a list of render
available methods. Have look to here too:



On 03/04/2017 08:41, Amit Gupta wrote:
> 1. I want to get .dat file to generate images of arbitrary resolution. But in VMD (Linux) I can only see option for that in normal tachyon. i.e. TachyonL-Optix gives images directly. is there anyway to use Tachyon with GPU to generate .dat files? Using OSPray? I have seen VMD site claiming it can run on massively parallel supercomputers, is that done using only mpi?
> 2. How to tell tachyon to use optix renderer for generating images using GPU from command line? i.e. what is GPU equivalent of tachyon -res xxx yyy ?

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