From: Stefan Kuczera (
Date: Wed Jan 25 2017 - 07:35:34 CST

Hi again,

solved this issue by adding this to my vmdrc

 for {set a 0} {$a < [molinfo num]} {incr a} {
      #set to default
      mol modstyle 0 $a [mol default style]
      mol modmaterial 0 $a [mol default material]
      mol modcolor 0 $a [mol default color]
      mol modselect 0 $a [mol default selection]

It applies the default style to all molecules initially loaded.

Cheers Stefan

On 01/24/17 16:47, Stefan Kuczera wrote:
> Hi,
> when reading in a geometry file into vmd via commandline at startup,
> e.g. "vmd filename.ext" in a shell, the settings in the .vmdrc are not
> taken into account, presumably because the rc file is read in after the
> geometry file has been processed. So for example even though I have "mol
> default style VDW" in my .vmdrc the geometry is still rendered in the
> "line" style. However, when I subsequently read in the same file with
> the gui or the tk console it appears in the VDW style in accordance with
> the vmdrc settings.
> Is there any way of solving this problem?
> Tested with vmd-1.9.3.
> Best wishes,
> Stefan