From: Amit Gupta (
Date: Fri Jan 13 2017 - 22:57:34 CST

Hi, I would like to know if anyone can shed any light on how these two figures were rendered in VMD/Tachyon


No matter what i do i cannot change color of paperchain in vmd. Similar thing is discussed here :
however I cannot change color by selecting color type color-id. All my rings are red.
>From that email:
"You could also assign the ring size to one of the data fields of each one of
the participating atoms, e.g. in the "beta" field, for example,
and then use that field to color the PaperChain representation. "
a little help on how to do it?

the 'glow' that yellow spheres are emitting, is it possible in vmd or its very impressive photoshop? If possible, then how to make it in VMD?