From: Cyril Bauvais (
Date: Thu Nov 03 2016 - 18:18:50 CDT

Dear All,

I am new to mailing list. I searched in the archives but I didn't find full
answers for my questions, despite I got very useful informations.

We are planing to build a system to project vmd in 3D, so I am searching a
videoprojector suitable for my needs.
We will use this system in two different situations :

1. to have work session in office, with computer (Ubuntu, i7, GTX 980 Ti)
which have allready 2 screens. We would like to add a third output to the
videoprojector with 3D display.
The distance between screen and projector is less than 3 meters (office

2. to have a portable system. It would be very good if it works with our
macbook pro 2015 (intel graphic cards inside).

it seems we should buy a passive 3D videoprojector but I would like someone
from mailing list to confirm it can produce nice results before buy it. and
which specifications are very important to search ?

in case 1, I will use interleaved mode of vmd and will maximise the vmd
window to the third output, which will be the videoprojector (with 3D mode

in case 2, I will try to use the same idea, the videoprojector would the
second screen of macbook.

So, in fact, if I well understoof, I do not need quadro cards ?

Thanks for your help,