From: Vlad Cojocaru (
Date: Thu Jul 14 2016 - 03:04:49 CDT

HI Matic,

Thanks for answering ...

Disabling Composite is not needed anymore, NVIDIA driver works well with
Composite on and 3d (as I said I have no problem with the Samsung
monitor) .. In fact neither latest KDE nor GNOME work properly with
Composite disabled ....

I'll try with a single monitor, did not think that there may be some
interference from the second monitor ...

NO, I haven't tried pymol or other software .. but will do so (I guess I
will try chimera ...) ..


On 07/14/2016 08:53 AM, Matic Kisovec wrote:
> Dear Vlad,
> did you also disable composite in xorg.conf?
> Section "Extensions"
> Option "Composite" "Disable"
> EndSection
> To evade any interference with the other monitor you could also test
> the setup with only the stereo monitor.
> Did you test stereo in any other programs (Pymol for example)?
> Kind regards,
> Matic
> On 13. 07. 2016 12:06, Vlad Cojocaru wrote:
>> Dear VMDers,
>> I am wondering if anybody had experienced the following problem when
>> doing 3d viewing with Nvidia 3d vision. If yes, I'd appreciate any
>> thoughts on whether it can be fixed. Here is the issue:
>> I bought a new monitor (ASUS 27'' - model VG278HE) which is connected
>> to a Quadro K4000 graphics card with a direct DVI-D cable. In
>> addition I have a Samsung SyncMaster that is connected via a DVI-DP
>> adapter. I have a stereo bracket connected to the graphics card.
>> When I switch stereo on in VMD (using option Stereo 10 in xorg.conf),
>> I get very good viewing on the Samsung with no problems whatsoever.
>> However, on the new ASUS screen the VMD window turns black at defined
>> intervals. It comes back but it then turns black again and it goes on
>> like this. I tried reverting the connections for the 2 monitors, but
>> the same issue.
>> No issue under windows and I have not tested other applications than
>> VMD under linux.
>> Further details: I have VMD 1.9.2 (with Stereo-QuadBufferred on) on
>> openSUSE 42, NVIDIA driver 367.27)
>> Best wishes
>> Vlad

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