From: debra ragland (
Date: Fri Jul 31 2015 - 11:48:10 CDT

Hello All, 
I am looking at various hydrogen bonds (approx. 24) within my protein across a great deal of trajectories(90) and I am trying to make this process as efficient as possible so far, I've split each hydrogen bond into it's "script" so that I don't have to pause and edit one script multiple times. To change the necessary input file information I use the sed command to substitute lines that change from one subdirectory to another.
 While this has made processing much easier I am still passing each script to vmd one at a time. I am new to scripting in general so I don't know if there is something similar already floating around. But I was wondering if there is a [python or vmd] script that I can pass to vmd at startup that will relay to vmd that I want all files ending in .vmd to be executed?
Thank you