From: Maxim Paliy (
Date: Mon Jun 15 2015 - 07:43:35 CDT

Hey, Folks, thought I need to report this.
I've recently encountered quite annoying bug in the 1.9.2 VMD version
for Windows
(running on win7 home 64-bit sony vaio machine):
(install file vmd192win32cuda.msi).

When reading two *.gro files consecutively into the same molecule
(either from command line, or from gui), VMD crashes.

This bug was absent in 1.9.1.

Is the are a solution/quick fix presently? haven't found anything online
about it...
can come back to 1.9.1 of course, but prefer to stay with the latest
version if possible.

Thank you in advance for suggestions,
Best regards, Maxim