From: Brian Radak (
Date: Thu Jul 31 2014 - 12:38:49 CDT

I am using the VolumeSlice and Volume drawing/coloring methods to highlight
cross sections of gridded data in addition to coloring multiple (6)
isosurfaces. I found the tabs for mucking with the color scale under the
"Graphics/Colors" menu, but all of the available scales use three colors
(for example BWR).

Would it be possible to create a color scale that coincides more with the
shading of the isosurfaces? I prefer the heat map-like blue-lt
blue-green-yellow-orange-red (I just used nearest ColorID approximates
here), but I could potentially be dissuaded.

In any event I expect this requires some Tcl scripting, but I don't know
what types of things to look at in my visualization state file (I can
adequately *modify* Tcl but am rather abysmal at *writing* it).

Help? Or am I looking for something very advanced and/or outside what VMD
is principally designed to do?


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