From: Rohan Mehta (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2014 - 04:38:40 CDT

Hello everyone!

I have made a C-code to count number of trimers, tetramers,..., *n*-mers
etc. for a water-system. I have considered dimers as building blocks for
any such *n*-mer. My program of getting dimer-pairs is written in Tcl.
However, the program to count *n*-mers is written in C (mainly because it
involves use of Graph Theory). Therefore I am not able to make a Tcl script
that can be used in VMD.

Is there any way we can bridge/patch C programs with Tcl shell of VMD? In
other words, is there any way we can run the C program for VMD?

Thanks in advance.

Rohan Mehta.

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