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Date: Fri Nov 11 2011 - 07:27:27 CST

On Nov 11, 2011, at 12:49 AM, kirtana S <> wrote:

I am using your tutorials on
to construct the input files for LAMMPS .
I used scripts with slight modification to construct the input files for my
polymer chain.I used the output pdb file to check my bonds .

That is a pointless test. The pdb file contains no bond information.

In the examples files for lammps in peptide , they have the bond and angle
coefficients specified separately in the data file whereas in your example
file the pair coeffients for methane monomers were were used in the input
file , do they detect that 1 is for CT and 2 for HC according to the
atomtypes from the data file.

I don't understand the question. When you set the coefficients for atom
type 1 they will be used on atoms labeled as type 1 in the data file. The
HC and CT strings are just comments.


On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 5:46 PM, Axel Kohlmeyer <> wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 4:45 PM, kirtana S <> wrote:
> > I am trying to build a lammps input file using the topotools tutorials .
> In
> > tutorial part 2 , how should I modify the .tcl
> > script to construct a chain instead of monomers.
> part 1 gives you an example for how to construct a bond list.
> if your chain is more complicated, you have to write additional Tcl code.
> the tutorial is by definition only showing you the principles;
> how you apply it to a real world case, is your job.
> cheers,
> axel.
> >
> > Thanks
> > kirtana
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