From: John Stone (
Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 10:12:19 CDT

Hi Dave,
  Most likely you've got an out-of-date set of OpenGL headers, I'm
assuming that you're compiling on Linux? I just went through this
with another VMD user yesterday, and he ultimately needed to upgrade
all of his Linux OpenGL headers in order to get VMD to compile. The
stuff shipped by default with Redhat is pretty old, even RH8 and RH9.
If you're using an NVidia card, and have installed up-to-date NVidia
drivers on your machine, you should be able to find the latest header
files on your machine here:

You can then copy those over the top of the old ones (or move the old
ones to a safe backup location, before copying them in) in /usr/include/GL
and then VMD should then compile.

  John Stone

On Wed, Sep 10, 2003 at 04:52:59PM -0700, Dave Humbird wrote:
> i have a CVS distribution (9/10/03) that I'm trying to compile on Red Hat 9.
> I can't compile OpenGLExtensions.C; the compiler complains that in prototype
> function OpenGLExtensions::vmdGetProcAddress, it can't find
> glXGetProcAddressARB. But that function is in <GL/glx.h>....I'm looking
> right at it! All the files are there, why can't I compile?
> Thanks,
> Dave Humbird
> UC Berkeley
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