From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 06:36:48 CDT

>>> "KS" == Karsten Suhre <> writes:

KS> Hi!

KS> Is it possible to store the time series of a number of bonds in one go? I only
KS> manage to store one series at a time using the SAVE button of the GUI
KS> interface.

hi karsten,

i don't know, if there is a direct solution to your problem,
but you could work around it by creating individual files for each
bond you are interested in, and then combine the files into a single
file. attached is a perl script that does the merging (should work
for general xy-data with the same x series).

if you want to automate the creation of the individual files, you
could (ab)-use the scripting capabilities of VMD. i'll also attach
an example tcl script, that i used recently to create several
similarly combined files of dihedral angles from a series of
simulations. of course you need to adapt this script for your
own setup (probably first get rid of the loop over all the simulations ;-)

hope this helps,
     axel kohlmeyer.

KS> Thank you very much,

KS> Karsten Suhre

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