From: Jonathan KHAO (
Date: Tue Mar 22 2011 - 12:57:08 CDT


I'm trying to color atoms with an asymetric and periodic color
gradient e.g. the color wheel. The gradients present in VMD can be
made periodic by using user defined values as coloration criteria. But
the problem is that they are always symetric.
In my case, I want to color molecules with a gradient so that Z, Z+X,
... Z+nX coordinates have the same one. If I color Z to Z+X molecules
with a Bwr gradient, and switch to a rwB one for Z+X to Z+2X
molecules, I will obtain identical colors for molecules at the same
distance to Z+X ...

So is there a way to script a "colorwheel" gradient ?
If not, how may I edit the VMD source to add/modify gradients ?

Thanks a lot,


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