From: David Hoover (
Date: Thu Jul 29 2010 - 16:15:48 CDT

We have installed vmd_LINUXAMD64 v1.8.7 on a RHE5L system, and we port
the graphics via X11 out to client machines using xming, X-Win32, or
some other X11 server. Most everything seems ok, but surface rendering
is broken, giving either jagged lines or only a partial surface. If VMD
is installed on the client machines (Windows, Mac, Linux, whatever), the
surfaces are displayed correctly. Does it matter that the libraries on
the RHE5L machine are not strictly OpenGL, but are from Mesa, since the
rendering is being done on the client machines?

As an aside, a colleague has a slighly older version of VMD (June 1
2009, 1.8.7 beta 5) which does not have problems rendering surfaces when
used the same way. Moreover, this version of VMD is run on RHE4L, and
doesn't require three libraries required by the later version of VMD
(,, What happened between June
and August of 2009 to VMD?

David Hoover
Helix Systems Staff