From: John Stone (
Date: Tue Jul 20 2010 - 10:17:44 CDT

  Vlad emailed me back, his problem was caused by SDL as I expected.
Did you also compile using the SDL flag?


On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 11:07:45AM -0400, Ian Stokes-Rees wrote:
> A lot of those errors come from the spaceball device. I had the same
> problems and had trouble compiling the code. My brutal approach late at
> night last week was to rip out any references to spaceball or sball from
> the code -- it didn't really work. There should be some pre-processor
> flag that will remove the dependencies on this, or the code there to build
> it properly (perhaps if you include SBALL in the configuration options?).
> Sorry I can't help more. I spent 6 hours last week trying to compile VMD
> with Python and CUDA support on OS X, but failed. Reid Van Lehn (possibly
> from MIT) sent me his build notes which I include below (I hope he doesn't
> mind). Those may get you going in the right direction.
> Regards,
> Ian
> *******************
> Installation steps (for Mac OS X 10.5.6):
> 1) Download the source files from CVS. Use the instructions at the VMD
> website
> 2) Download other necessary packages. Specifically, I needed Tcl/Tk and
> FLTK. You may also need to update X11, and on Linux may need to install
> csh and other packages. Google search these to find install packages.
> 3) Create a lib folder under the vmd directory (which you checked out from
> CVS). Here you will install the plugins needed above to create a
> self-contained installation.
> 4) Install tcl/tk and fltk to the vmd/lib folder. Tcl and Tk should be
> installed together to the same directory (e.g. /vmd/lib/tcltk). Use the
> unix, NOT macosx, installations, and read the README files contained in
> the download for installation instructions (do not enable-64bit). FLTK can
> also be installed to its own folder in vmd/lib
> 5) Next, you have to compile the plugins. Even though we are on a 64-bit
> machine, we will install the MACOSXX86 architecture, NOT the MACOSXX86_64,
> since this is not supported by VMD apparently. To install the plugins,
> first edit the Make-arch file in /plugins/. Under the MACOSXX86 section,
> remove the NETCDF line (since we do not need this package for basic
> functionality), and change the TCL line from -framework Tcl to -ltcl8.5
> since we are using the unix installation of Tcl and not the Mac OS X
> framework.
> 6) Also in the plugins directory, edit the build.csh script. You need to
> change the TCLINC and TCLLIB environment variables to point to
> vmd/lib/tcltk/include for the former and vmd/lib/tcl/tk/lib for the
> latter. Also change the compile architecture to MACOSXX86.
> 7) Compile the plugins with 'make world.' The build script uses the gmake
> command, which invokes GNU make - you may need to download this for Mac OS
> X as well (but it comes preinstalled on Linux distributions). There will
> be a lot of compilation warnings but hopefully no errors.
> 8) After compilation is complete, set the PLUGINDIR variable to
> /vmd/plugins - on bash this is done using "export
> PLUGINDIR=(whatever)/vmd/plugins"
> 9) Finally, complete plugin compilation using "make distrib" which copies
> everything to a folder readable by VMD src. If you get some latex errors,
> just hit enter until make distrib is done, and possibly repeat it.
> 10) Now to configure the actual installation! cd to the /vmd/ directory
> and run 'make macosx.opengl.x11' - this creates a configure.options file
> with basic configuration flags.
> 11) Edit the configure.options file - for my barebones installation I used
> 12) Also edit the configure file - the first few lines allow you to change
> where the VMD installation will be located and what it will be named. Run
> ./configure to configure the installation when you are done.
> 13) cd to the vmd/src directory and edit the Makefile. Find the lines for
> INCDIR LIBS LIBDIR etc and change references to tk/tcl/fltk libraries to
> point to the correct places. For example, -framework Tcl becomes -ltcl8.5,
> -framework Tk = -ltk8.5, the include and lib directories of /tcltk are
> explicitly named, as is the lib directory of /fltk, etc.
> 14) To fix a problem with the program hanging upon start up, edit the
> VMD.c file - find the line with Fl::flush and change to Fl::wait(0) - see
> this website
> 15) When the Makefile is right, run "make depend" then "make" - there
> should be some warnings but no errors.
> 16) Run sudo make install to complete installation. Ignore any errors
> associated with stride/surf/tachyon, as we did not attempt to install
> these.
> 16) Finally, we need to edit the launch file to get it to start
> successfully - edit ($installdir)/bin/($installname) - search for the line
> "set ARCH=MACOSX" to "set ARCH=MACOSXX86"
> *********

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