From: Jayne Wallace (
Date: Mon Jun 21 2010 - 09:12:07 CDT


I want to display a protein using the MSMS representation. I have downloaded the file msms_i86Linux2_2.6.1.tar.gz from I've tried running the following command from within the VMD console:

 msms -if 1crn.xyzr -of 1crn

and it seems to run OK. It tells me MSMS terminated normally and it generates 1crn.vert and 1crn.face files. However, I can't load them into VMD. When I try to do "load data into molecule" (1crn.pdb is already loaded into the viewer) I get the following error:

ERROR) Reading raw graphics failed

Also, if I do graphics -> representations -> MSMS then the screen goes blank and the console says:

Info) Done with MSMS surface.
Info) Performing ACTC Triangle Consolidation...
Info) ACTC: Created 959 triangle strips
Info) ACTC: Average vertices per strip = 8

At the top of the .vert and .face files are 2 comment lines. I get the same errors with or without these comment lines in the files.

Thank you in advance for any help,