From: MyLinkka (
Date: Wed May 20 2009 - 07:20:14 CDT

Hi, John,

I didn't install two version in the same folder. One is on C:\ driver
and the other is on E:\.
So I don't think it was a problem causing my mixing of files. But
probably the environment
variables or registry setting have some conflicts.

The symptoms are the same as before on my laptop. Vmd seems crashed
while waiting for
initialization of the contents of the main window. This is just my
feeling, because I can see
the contents of the console window and gl window already. These symptoms
are the same
as I observed on the PC which now is working well. That's why I wanted
to know if there
is some logging system built in in vmd to track the exact errors.

What kind other information can I provide? Please let me know.
Thanks for the effort by the way.


John Stone wrote:
> Hi,
> Yes, you cannot install two copies of VMD into the same directory.
> If you install them in different directories (changing the target
> directory during the install procedure) then they should coexist without
> trouble.
> On your machine that's still having trouble, can you describe the
> symptoms in more detail for me, are they different than what you were
> experiencing when you had the two conflicting versions installed on the
> other system?
> Cheers,
> John Stone
> On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 12:29:22PM +0200, MyLinkka wrote:
>> Him John,
>> Thank you for the helpful information.
>> First I confirm that on my desktop PC, after uninstalling the old
>> version (1.8.6) and reinstalling the
>> beta 3, the problem was gone! Apparently, beta3 doesn't like his older
>> brothers.
>> I did the same procedure on my laptop, but no luck there. Currently I
>> have only beta 3 installed
>> and it cannot start still. Here are the information for this laptop
>> including graphics card info:
>> Model: HP EliteBook 8730w
>> Type: Mobile
>> Manufactured by: Hewlett-Packard
>> BaseBoard ID: 30EC
>> TPM: IFX Infineon Trusted Platform Module 1.2
>> Bios Version: HPQOEM - f
>> SMBIOS Version: 68PAD Ver. F.08 (2008-09-26)
>> Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX 2700M
>> Graphics Driver: 185.85
>> Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
>> Service Pack: 3
>> The driver for the graphics card I've tried are:
>> <>
>> and
>> I think this are the latest. Please check if these drivers are causing
>> the problem. Thanks!
>> ting
>> John Stone wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Which NVIDIA driver version are you running? This sounds like an
>>> OpenGL driver bug to me, since I don't get a crash on either my
>>> NVIDIA-equipped test boxes at the lab, or an an old laptop with
>>> an outdated ATI chipset.
>>> I've had two other people tell me that they have encountered a
>>> crash with the beta, having the exact driver information
>>> for affected machines will be very helpful so I can report bugs
>>> the GPU vendors.
>>> Cheers,
>>> John Stone
>>> On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 12:14:34PM +0200, MyLinkka wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm eager to try out the new Beta version. 2 days ago, I installed 1.8.7
>>>> beta 2 on both my laptop and
>>>> desktop PC. Beta 2 crashes on the laptop but worked on the PC. Both
>>>> computers have Nvidia graphics
>>>> card (FX2700M and Geforce 8600 GT). Today I installed the latest beta
>>>> 3 on both. Sadly beta 3
>>>> crashed on both computers! Before install beta2, I didn't install any
>>>> software or update drivers.
>>>> That's why I turn to this mailing list, cause I think it is almost for
>>>> sure an issue from vmd.
>>>> The symptom is the same. After starting vmd, first the console window
>>>> showed, it seems fine and
>>>> it listed information and capability of my graphics card. Then the 3D
>>>> window popped up, I could
>>>> see the 3D texts and the axes at the corner. (my feeling it the OpenGl
>>>> context and scene had been
>>>> created without problem.) Finally it's the turn of the main control
>>>> windows, I can see the window
>>>> frame, but before the contents (menus,buttons) could be seen the program
>>>> crashed.
>>>> on my laptop, the system report a "the memory could not be 'read'"
>>>> error. On the PC,
>>>> an error happend at offset 0x00028c0d in ntdll.dll.
>>>> BTW, vmd 1.8.6 work perfect on both computers.
>>>> Could anyone point me what to do? Is there a way to generate a startup
>>>> log file to address the error
>>>> source?
>>>> thanks!
>>>> ting