From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Sun Jul 13 2008 - 15:49:02 CDT

On Thu, 5 Jun 2008, gurpreet singh wrote:

GS> Respected Sir
GS> For checking the dynamcis of my protein during the simulation I am trying to
GS> make a movie using VMD. Although I generated the movie succesfully but the
GS> running speed of the movie is coming very high. I tried different options to
GS> control the same but did not get any success.

gurpreet, if you create an MPEG encoded movie, you don't have much
options. the mpeg standard allows 24 (movie), 25 (PAL) and 30 (NTSC)
frames per second. so you either have to "generate" more frames or
use an mpeg player software where you can tell to run at a slower rate.

the second option is to encode an animated gif. there you can specify
the time between frames (you set the the total time of the movie in
the GUI). depending on your quality requirements, animated gif may
lead to bad image quality (only 256 colors = > dithering).

the third option is - like mario wrote - to just create the snapshot
images and then use an encoder that either encodes non-standard
mpeg (and limits playback to software with support for that) or
avi/quicktime/wmv formats. i usually do this with external renderes
for high quality (in combination with mpeg4/divx encoding), as
then the rendering process can be easily parallelized on a cluster.

in this case the GUI is a bit overkill and a simple procedure like
the attached one (i have that initialized through my .vmdrc) would
do just as good a job (if not better). for screenshots you can just
select the snapshot renderer.


GS> Please tell me the option which I should use before or while using the movie
GS> maker which will reduce the speed of the movie.
GS> Thanks and Regards
GS> Gurpreet

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