From: Pawel Kedzierski (
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 23:40:31 CDT

Dear VMD-team,

  I have just switched to the new version of VMD (1.8a21) and I
  experience some incompatibility problems. I am working on a Python
  module which, among other things, shall display electrostatic field
  on a grid. The grid should be independent of the molecular objects
  in order to dynamically change the field visualization in response to
  movement of the molecule(s).

  As of VMD 1.7.1, script-generated graphics was treated as a separate
  molecule having 0 atoms. Apart from a minor inconvenience of an error
  message at the time of creation:
  molecule.load('graphics', 'name')
  due to nonexistant file 'name', it used to work well. Now the same
  instruction fails completely with a ValueError. There is another
  import graphics(molid, filetype, filename)
  but the description is not very helpful, and some trial-and-error
  have not lead me to a solution.

  If anybody knows, how to create a standalone graphical object from
  VMD 1.8 python interpreter (or how to create cleanly an empty
  molecule, so one can append graphics to it), please let me know.


        Pawel Kedzierski

Pawel Kedzierski,
Chemistry/CREST, Jacson State University