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From: Chris Harrison (
Date: Sun Oct 31 2010 - 08:47:09 CDT

CMAP parameters are either in the forcefield file(s) you're using or they're
not. See:


2010/10/28 Xiang Yu <>

> Hi everyone,
> I want to use replica exchange with NAMD. I checked the example included in
> NAMD and found a problem of the force field. The force field of the example
> comes from Charmm19. Bond, angle, dihe are added into the beginning of each
> line and ŠĆ is positive one. I can not figure out why these modification is
> required.
> I want to do the simulation with Charmm27 force field. So I have to
> generate a force field with the parameters of bond, angle, dihe, impr,
> nonbonded and CMAP. But how to put CMAP parameters in this special force
> field for REMD? I tested a REMD simulation with a force field without CMAP
> parameters. An fatal error will come out which tell me the cross term
> parameters are missing.
> So does anyone know how to add CMAP into a force field for REMD or how to
> let namd skip CMAP during simulaiton?
> Thank you,
> Xiang

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