Re: patch missing residues

From: Chris Harrison (
Date: Wed Mar 17 2010 - 01:10:27 CDT


1. BLAST the sequence to see if similar sequences with solved structures

2. Use one of the many Secondary Structure Prediction Servers freely
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On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 3:42 PM, BIN ZHANG <> wrote:
> Dear all:
> I'm trying to work on a membrane protein, but the PDB file has some missing
> residues (~20). I can use MODELLER to add them and construct a complete
> structure. But since I have no idea what conformation these residues would
> adopt, I started with random loop. It seems to me the loop would take quite
> a long time to relax. So my question is: is there a more elegant way in this
> situation? Should I perform more intense minimization, perhaps simulated
> annealing, before any MD simulation? If you happen to have a good reference,
> that would be great.
> Thanks,
> Bin

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