Re: Info: Attempting to read FFTW data from FFTW_NAMD_2.7b1_Linux-Itanium-MPI-Altix.txt

From: Ajasja Ljubetič (
Date: Mon Feb 01 2010 - 04:09:24 CST

The FFTW library (at least on windows integrated with
NAMD) is not working correctly and does not produce the required output


On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 10:12, Bala subramanian <>wrote:

> Friends,
> I am a new to NAMD. I submitted a simulation with NAMD. The output file
> does not show any error but the last line of it contains the message 'Info:
> Attempting to read FFTW data from
> FFTW_NAMD_2.7b1_Linux-Itanium-MPI-Altix.txt'. The job stops within seconds.
> I have pasted below the complete output. Kindly write me what is going
> wrong. The NAMD was not compilled from source but from a binary tarball
> (NAMD_2.7b1_Linux-Itanium-MPI-Altix.tar.gz)

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