Re: ibverbs crash

From: Bjoern Olausson (
Date: Wed Nov 04 2009 - 08:38:25 CST

On Tuesday 03 November 2009 21:17:17 David A. Horita wrote:
> Hi,
> I compiled the 2009/10/30 CVS with ibverbs, following the recent note from
> Bjoern Olausson, compile seems fine for charm 6.1.3 using intel 11.0.84
> and the apoaI benchmarks run fine. However, somewhere after 10,000 steps
> in an MD run, I'll get:
Okay, some news here:
Gengbin made some changes to "machine-ibverbs.c" and now the simulation runs
fine on my cluster. Those changes are already present in the CVS version (lets
say as of today)

You can replace the "machine-ibverbs.c" with the one I attached instead of
downloading charm++ from CVS again ("machine-ibverbs.c" is located in

Please let me know if this fixed your problem.

Bjoern Olausson

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