fresh file not ready to read?

Date: Thu Oct 22 2009 - 01:46:10 CDT

Dear All:

This might be a question no so NAMD related, but I would really
appreciate if you could give me any suggestion.

I was trying to run several jobs, say 100, sequentially in a pbs
script using a simple loop. It works really great, except at some
point, the simulation would simply exist from the queue. I found the
following line in the PBS error file while checking :

FATAL ERROR: Unable to open extended system file.

This suggests to me that the NAMD output file is missing. However, the
*.xsc file is actually correctly outputted. So what's the problem
then? Is it because the newly generated file not ready for reading yet?

I tried to put wait between submissions, but the same error still occur.

Any suggestion is appreciated.


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