RE: Intel 11 compilers

From: David A. Horita (
Date: Fri Jul 10 2009 - 13:37:54 CDT

Regarding scaling, what charmrun options are you using? +giga and
+strategy USE_GRID/USE_MESH make a big difference for me. Also, how
many cores per box does each system have (I guess most new ones are at
8, but if it's different, please note that). Once you're computing
between boxes, the network comes into play (so also please specify
gigabit, infiniband, etc.) I get very good scaling throughout an
infiniband-linked group, decent scaling throughout a gigabit-linked
group, and miserable scaling between groups (slower network with lots of
other traffic on it). NAMD with PME pushes a lot of data, so there are
numerous factors that contribute to scaling.


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