Re: double-wide sampling with soft-core

From: Chris Harrison (
Date: Thu Jan 22 2009 - 11:48:23 CST

My mistake. This was me thinking in conceptual terms of how the entire
perturbation occurs from 0 to 1 and forgetting to think about the actual
code and tcl wrapper. The current implementation is the better way to go.
(Well, bully for me! Must've been thinking more clearly when I wrote the
code. ;) ). It should be committed to cvs in several weeks.


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2009/1/22 Jerome Henin <>
> Oops, sorry S¨¦bastien, I don't know why I thought it had made it into
> CVS already.
> Chris: having NAMD handle "lambda-lists" would be convenient, but it
> fairly easy to script them in Tcl already - that is still true with
> double-wide sampling. If implementing it takes you a long time or
> increases the complexity of the code, I won't be pushing for it.
> Jerome
> 2009/1/22 Chris Harrison <>:
> > I've implemented doublewide with both a forward and reverse work lambda--00151750d9e0007be9046115e188--

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