PatchMap Member List

This is the complete list of members for PatchMap, including all inherited members.
assignBaseNode(PatchID, NodeID)PatchMap
assignNode(PatchID, NodeID)PatchMap
assignToPatch(Position p, const Lattice &l)PatchMap [inline]
basenode(int pid) const PatchMap [inline]
basePatchIDList(int pe, PatchIDList &)PatchMap
center(int pid) const PatchMap [inline]
cid(int pid, int i) const PatchMap [inline]
delTmpPatchAtomsList()PatchMap [inline]
downstream(int pid1, int pid2)PatchMap [inline]
downstreamNeighbors(int pid, PatchID *neighbor_ids)PatchMap
getPatchesInOctet(int pid, PatchID *pids, int *transform_ids=0)PatchMap
getTmpPatchAtomsList()PatchMap [inline]
gridsize_a(void) const PatchMap [inline]
gridsize_b(void) const PatchMap [inline]
gridsize_c(void) const PatchMap [inline]
homePatch(PatchID pid)PatchMap [inline]
homePatchIDList(PatchIDList &)PatchMap
index_a(int pid) const PatchMap [inline]
index_b(int pid) const PatchMap [inline]
index_c(int pid) const PatchMap [inline]
initTmpPatchAtomsList()PatchMap [inline]
Instance()PatchMap [static]
makePatches(ScaledPosition xmin, ScaledPosition xmax, const Lattice &lattice, BigReal patchSize, double maxNumPatches, int staticAtomAssignment, int replicaUniformPatchGrids, int lcpo, int asplit, int bsplit, int csplit)PatchMap
max_a(int pid) const PatchMap [inline]
max_b(int pid) const PatchMap [inline]
max_c(int pid) const PatchMap [inline]
MaxOneAway enum valuePatchMap
MaxOneOrTwoAway enum valuePatchMap
MaxTwoAway enum valuePatchMap
min_a(int pid) const PatchMap [inline]
min_b(int pid) const PatchMap [inline]
min_c(int pid) const PatchMap [inline]
newCid(int pid, int cid)PatchMap
node(int pid) const PatchMap [inline]
numaway_a(void) const PatchMap [inline]
numaway_b(void) const PatchMap [inline]
numaway_c(void) const PatchMap [inline]
numCids(int pid) const PatchMap [inline]
numNodesWithPatches(void)PatchMap [inline]
numPatches(void) const PatchMap [inline]
numPatchesOnNode(int node)PatchMap [inline]
Object()PatchMap [inline, static]
ObjectOnPe(int pe)PatchMap [inline, static]
oneAwayNeighbors(int pid, PatchID *neighbor_ids=0)PatchMap
oneOrTwoAwayNeighbors(int pid, PatchID *neighbor_ids, PatchID *downstream_ids=0, int *transform_ids=0)PatchMap
origin(void) const PatchMap [inline]
pack(char *buf, int size)PatchMap [protected]
packSize(void)PatchMap [protected]
patch(PatchID pid)PatchMap [inline]
PatchMap(void)PatchMap [protected]
periodic_a(void) const PatchMap [inline]
periodic_b(void) const PatchMap [inline]
periodic_c(void) const PatchMap [inline]
pid(int aIndex, int bIndex, int cIndex)PatchMap [inline]
registerPatch(PatchID pid, HomePatch *pptr)PatchMap
registerPatch(PatchID pid, Patch *pptr)PatchMap
registerPatchMgr(PatchMgr *pmgr)PatchMap [inline, static]
sizeGrid(ScaledPosition xmin, ScaledPosition xmax, const Lattice &lattice, BigReal patchSize, double maxNumPatches, int staticAtomAssignment, int asplit, int bsplit, int csplit)PatchMap
unpack(char *buf)PatchMap [protected]
unregisterPatch(PatchID pid, HomePatch *pptr)PatchMap
unregisterPatch(PatchID pid, Patch *pptr)PatchMap
upstreamNeighbors(int pid, PatchID *neighbor_ids)PatchMap
WorkDistrib classPatchMap [friend]

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