PDBAtom Member List

This is the complete list of members for PDBAtom, including all inherited members.
alternatelocation(const char *newalternatelocation)PDBAtom
ANISOU enum valuePDBData
ATOM enum valuePDBData
AUTHOR enum valuePDBData
chain(const char *newchain)PDBAtom
COLUMNS enum valuePDBData
COMPND enum valuePDBData
CONECT enum valuePDBData
coordinates(const BigReal *newcoordinates)PDBAtom
CRYST1 enum valuePDBData
default_coorPDBAtom [static]
default_occupancyPDBAtom [static]
default_residueseqPDBAtom [static]
default_serialPDBAtom [static]
default_temperaturefactorPDBAtom [static]
element(const char *newelement)PDBAtom
END enum valuePDBData
ENDMDL enum valuePDBData
EXPDTA enum valuePDBData
field(const char *data, int fld, char *result)PDBData [protected, static]
FIELDS enum valuePDBData
footnote(int newfootnote)PDBAtom
FORMUL enum valuePDBData
FTNOTE enum valuePDBData
HEADER enum valuePDBData
HELIX enum valuePDBData
HET enum valuePDBData
HETATM enum valuePDBData
insertioncode(const char *newinsertioncode)PDBAtom
JRNL enum valuePDBData
LALT enum valuePDBAtom
LCHAIN enum valuePDBAtom
LCOOR enum valuePDBAtom
LCOORPREC enum valuePDBAtom
LELEMENT enum valuePDBAtom
Length enum namePDBAtom
LFOOT enum valuePDBAtom
LINSERT enum valuePDBAtom
LNAME enum valuePDBAtom
LOCC enum valuePDBAtom
LOCCPREC enum valuePDBAtom
LRESNAME enum valuePDBAtom
LRESSEQ enum valuePDBAtom
LSEGNAME enum valuePDBAtom
LSERIAL enum valuePDBAtom
LTEMPF enum valuePDBAtom
LTEMPFPREC enum valuePDBAtom
LTYPE enum valuePDBAtom
MASTER enum valuePDBData
MODEL enum valuePDBData
MTRIX enum valuePDBData
name(const char *newname)PDBAtom
no_footnotePDBAtom [static]
OBSLTE enum valuePDBData
occupancy(BigReal newoccupancy)PDBAtom
ORIGX enum valuePDBData
parse(const char *s)PDBAtom
PDBAtom(const char *data, PDBPossibleAtoms whichatom)PDBAtom [protected]
PDBData(PDBType newtype)PDBData [inline]
PDBFormatStyle enum namePDBData
PDBNamesPDBData [static]
PDBPossibleAtoms enum namePDBAtom [protected]
PDBType enum namePDBData
REMARK enum valuePDBData
residuename(const char *newresiduename)PDBAtom
residueseq(int newresidueseq)PDBAtom
REVDAT enum valuePDBData
SALT enum valuePDBAtom
SCALE enum valuePDBData
scan(const char *data, int len, int start, int size, int *ans, int defalt)PDBData [protected, static]
scan(const char *data, int len, int start, int size, BigReal *ans, BigReal defalt)PDBData [protected, static]
scan(const char *data, int len, int start, int size, char *ans)PDBData [protected, static]
SCHAIN enum valuePDBAtom
segmentname(const char *newsegmentname)PDBAtom
SELEMENT enum valuePDBAtom
SEQRES enum valuePDBData
serialnumber(int newserialnumber)PDBAtom
SFOOT enum valuePDBAtom
SHEET enum valuePDBData
SIGATM enum valuePDBData
SIGUIJ enum valuePDBData
SINSERT enum valuePDBAtom
SITE enum valuePDBData
SNAME enum valuePDBAtom
SOCC enum valuePDBAtom
SOURCE enum valuePDBData
sprint(char *s, PDBFormatStyle usestyle=COLUMNS)PDBAtom [virtual]
sprintcol(char *s, int start, int len, const char *val)PDBData [protected, static]
sprintcol(char *s, int start, int len, int val)PDBData [protected, static]
sprintcol(char *s, int start, int len, int prec, BigReal val)PDBData [protected, static]
SPRSDE enum valuePDBData
SRESNAME enum valuePDBAtom
SRESSEQ enum valuePDBAtom
SSBOND enum valuePDBData
SSEGNAME enum valuePDBAtom
SSERIAL enum valuePDBAtom
Start enum namePDBAtom
STEMPF enum valuePDBAtom
STYPE enum valuePDBAtom
SX enum valuePDBAtom
SY enum valuePDBAtom
SZ enum valuePDBAtom
temperaturefactor(BigReal newtemperaturefactor)PDBAtom
TER enum valuePDBData
TURN enum valuePDBData
TVECT enum valuePDBData
type(void)PDBData [inline]
UNKNOWN enum valuePDBData
USE_ATOM enum valuePDBAtom [protected]
USE_HETATM enum valuePDBAtom [protected]
xcoor(BigReal newxcoor)PDBAtom
ycoor(BigReal newycoor)PDBAtom
zcoor(BigReal newzcoor)PDBAtom
~PDBAtom(void)PDBAtom [virtual]
~PDBData(void)PDBData [inline, virtual]

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