PDB Member List

This is the complete list of members for PDB, including all inherited members.
atom(int place)PDB
atoms(void)PDB [inline]
find_extremes(const Lattice &, BigReal frac=1.0)PDB
get_all_positions(Vector *)PDB
get_extremes(ScaledPosition &xmin, ScaledPosition &xmax) const PDB [inline]
get_position_for_atom(Vector *, int)PDB
PDB(const char *pdbfilename)PDB
PDB(molfile_plugin_t *pIOHdl, void *pIOFileHdl, int numAtoms, const float *occupancy, const float *bfactor)PDB
PDB(const char *, Ambertoppar *)PDB
PDB(const char *filename, const GromacsTopFile *topology)PDB
set_all_positions(Vector *)PDB
write(const char *outfilename, const char *commentline=NULL)PDB

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