ComputePme.h File Reference

#include "Compute.h"
#include "PmeBase.h"
#include "NamdTypes.h"
#include "PatchTypes.h"
#include "Box.h"
#include "OwnerBox.h"

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class  ComputePmeUtil
class  ComputePme


ResizeArray< ComputePme * > & getComputes (ComputePmeMgr *mgr)

Function Documentation

ResizeArray<ComputePme*>& getComputes ( ComputePmeMgr mgr  ) 

Definition at line 587 of file ComputePme.C.

References ComputePmeMgr::pmeComputes.

Referenced by ComputeQM::saveResults().

00587                                                           {
00588     return mgr->pmeComputes ;
00589 }

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