Methodological articles and reviews

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MDFF and xMDFF** applications by the TCBG group

  1. The structure of the human 26S proteasome at a resolution of 3.9Å.
    Andreas Schweitzer, Antje Aufderheide, Till Rudack, Florian Beck, Gunter Pfeifer, Jurgen M. Plitzko, Eri Sakata, Klaus Schulten, Friedrich Forster, and Wolfgang Baumeister. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 113 (28), 2016.

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  4. Macromolecular crystallography for synthetic abiological molecules: Combining xMDFF and PHENIX for structure determination of cyanostar macrocycles.**
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  5. A structural model of the active ribosome-bound membrane protein insertase YidC
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    Qufei Li, Sherry Wanderling, Marcin Paduch, David Medovoy, Abhishek Singharoy, Ryan McGreevy, Carlos Villalba-Galea, Raymond E. Hulse, Benoit Roux, Klaus Schulten, Anthony Kossiakoff, and Eduardo Perozo. Nature Structure Molecular Biology, 21, 244-252, 2014.

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  23. Structural model and excitonic properties of the dimeric RC-LH1-PufX complex from Rhodobacter sphaeroides.
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Selected third-party publications employing MDFF

  1. Cryo-EM in the study of challenging systems: the human transcription pre-initiation complex.
    Eva Nogales, Robert K Louder, Yuan He. Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 40, 120-127, 2016

  2. Lateral opening in the intact β-barrel assembly machinery captured by cryo-EM.
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  5. Atomic structure of Hsp90-Cdc37-Cdk4 reveals that Hsp90 traps and stabilizes an unfolded kinase.
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  11. Paired octamer rings of retinoschisin suggest a junctional model for cell-cell adhesion in the retina.
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