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Paul Tavan and Klaus Schulten. The `phantom' photochemical singlet state of stilbene and its diphenylpolyene relative. Chemical Physics Letters, 56:200-204, 1978.

TAVA78 Recently the conception on the cis-trans photoisomerization of stilbene has emerged that this process is governed by a higher excited $^{1}A_{g}$ state which exhibits a minimum at the perpendicular conformation crossing the lowest excited $^{1}B_{u}$ state upon bond rotation. An evaluation of the potential surfaces governing the photoisomerization process by a PPP SCF CI method revealed that there exists indeed such a photochemically active $^{1}A_{g}$ state which in the planar molecule lies about 1 eV above the lowest absorption band and involves the excitation of two electrons from the SCF ground state. Extensions of the calculations to diphenylpolyenes demonstrate that this $^{1}A_{g}$ state is related to the forbidden low-lying doubly excited $^{1}A_{g}$ state observed earlier in these molecules.

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