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Rosemary Braun, Mehmet Sarikaya, and Klaus Schulten. Genetically engineered gold-binding polypeptides: Structure prediction and molecular dynamics. Journal of Biomaterials Science, 13:747-758, 2002.

BRAU2002 The biological control of inorganic crystal formation, morphology and assembly is of interest to biologists and biotechnologists studying hard tissue growth and regeneration, as well as to materials scientists using biomimetic approaches for control of inorganic material fabrication and assembly. Biomimetics requires an accurate understanding of natural mechanisms at the molecular level. Such understanding can be derived from the use of metal surfaces to study surface recognition by proteins together with combinatorial genetics techniques for selection of suitable peptides. Polymerization of these peptides produces engineered polypeptides large enough to encode their own folding information with low structural complexity while enhancing binding affinity to surfaces. The low complexity of such polypeptides can aid in analyses leading to modeling and eventual manipulation of the structure of the folded polypeptide. Here we present structure predictions for gold-binding protein sequences, originally selected by combinatorial techniques. Molecular dynamics simulations lasting 5 ns were carried out using solvated polypeptides at the gold surface to assess the dynamics of the binding process and the effects of surface topography on the specifficity of protein binding.

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