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VMD 1.8.5

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How far and how well molecular biologists can look into the living cell depends as much on microscopes and observations, as it depends on computers and their software. The premiere software for looking into the molecular world of the cell, VMD, has made a big leap forward in broadening the molecular horizon of life scientists through its new release, VMD 1.8.5. Researchers are offered now a fresh view through a modern unified bioinformatics environment, MultiSeq, combining sequence and structure analysis for proteins and amino acids. VMD, now literally more colorful, lets scientists quickly exchange VMD views through integration of BioCoRE, calculate APBS electrostatics maps, call on NAMD to calculate energies, build and mutate structures, determine easily force field parameters, and navigate through proteins with a flying camera. VMD 1.8.5, though only a minor version number different from the previous release, includes now many new structure building and analysis tools that make it easier for modelers to set up, run, and analyze computer simulations of biomolecules.