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JMV in BioCoRE

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The building blocks of living cells are biomolecules so small that no light microscope can see them, yet viewing them is essential to decipher the inner workings of cells. The best looking-glass for biomolecules (such as proteins) available today is computers running molecular graphics software that translates experimental data into the molecular graphics. Now the wide availability of molecular graphics has taken a step forward with our new visualization package, JMV (Java Molecular Viewer). JMV borrows several key features from our visualization tool for large scale biomolecules, VMD. The JMV applet places the picture of a protein in your web browser, shown in a 3-D view, ready to be rotated, scaled, and colored according to physical properties. JMV will serve the next generation of bioinformatics web tools, like BioCoRE, through its great adaptability and will turn every molecular picture in electronic text books or web sites into an interactive looking-glass.