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Highlight: Microscopic View into a Bioenergetic Supercomplex

Structure of Alternative Complex III

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Bacteria are remarkable at tailoring their bioenergetic machineries to adapt to and thrive in diverse and ever-changing environments. A critical metabolic task is the efficient extraction of energy from food. Similar to us, many bacteria pass electrons to oxygen or other acceptors with the help of membrane-bound enzymes, and in doing so, they move protons across their membrane, thus generating a transmembrane voltage (much like a battery) that can be used for ATP synthesis. Typically, one enzyme passes an electron to its downstream enzyme via random collisions. However, sometimes these enzymes can form a supercomplex that positions the enzymes very close to each other and with the right pose for faster electron transfer and therefore more efficient energy conversion. In a recent paper reporting a three-way collaboration between biochemists, experimental structural biologists, and the Center researchers, the structure of one such supercomplex (termed Alternative complex III) was determined at an atomic resolution through a combination of cryoEM and advanced molecular modeling and simulation tools performed with NAMD and VMD. Read more about this study in Nature.


The Future of Biomolecular Modeling

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Computer Modeling in Bionanotechnology-The History

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Remembering Klaus Schulten


NAMD used to predict behavior of Protein ComplexesGiuseppe Licari, honorable mention recipient of the Beckman Image ContestTajkhorshid awarded the 2020 Thomas E. Thompson awardShashank Pant awarded prestigious 2019 Beckman Institute Graduate Fellowship



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